John found himself unemployed with declining mental health after leaving his previous job in an industry that he’d worked in for a long time. John is aged over 60 and wasn’t feeling optimistic about finding a new job role.

John enquired about additional support at his local job centre and was signposted to Good Work Skills and began working with Gina from the team. From the very beginning, John felt comfortable working with Gina and said:


“Gina was very supportive and non-judgemental. We talked through options for me, and was understanding of what I needed at that point in time and helping me make sense of my difficulties.”


John and Gina spent time building on John’s communication skills and supporting John to acknowledge that having some help when feeling low was okay. John had always worked before and felt his age was against him and undesirable to employers.  Gina encouraged John to be open-minded and he went on to secure a local job role as a warehouse worker that suited him down to the ground.

“Staying in work means I can pay my bills and look after my family, like I have always done before.”


John really appreciated the support from Good Work Skills to navigate his way around a completely new industry and different ways of working.  John also valued the opportunity to speak with Gina when he needed to, and celebrating his achievements together, even when John thought they were only small steps!

John is now really interested in developing his skills further and  would like to improve his IT skills to help him grow in his new job role.

“I am moving forward, my confidence is growing and now can see that I still have a lot to offer and space to grow.”