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Good Work supports amazing people – including those living with a severe mental health condition – to find, stay and thrive in employment.

Our Good Work coaches provide one-to-one support to find paid employment that’s just right for you. We promise to be your advocate and see your potential, and can support you to find full or part-time work. We’ll also help with any debt, benefit and wellbeing support, and remain there for you in your new job role.

We also support employers to keep their workforce well, and offer training and advice from our experienced and friendly team of professionals.

We promise to:

  • Be your advocate and see your potential.
  • Involve you in all decisions, be with you not for you.
  • Be effective, not just kind and compassionate.
  • Be easy to contact and meet and get back to you promptly when you get in touch.
  • Support you to find a job with the hours, skills and experience that is right for you.

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“Being back at work has really changed my life. I’m so happy that I’m busy, that I have things to fill my day. I like that I’m part of a team and I’m valued by the people I work with. It has really helped to get my social life back. My wife and I go out for meals together again, it’s lovely.”

found good work as a merchandiser

“I get to work with people that I really like, and I’ve already been promoted! Now I’m saving up to take my wife and four kids on holiday. It will be the first time we’ve been abroad. It’s great to have something to look forward to, and I feel positive and love every day.”

found good work as a customer experience leader

Support for employers

We believe that everybody deserves the right conditions to do their best work. That’s why we support more than 150 local companies across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to keep their workforce well. Employers can access free training, health advice and employee benefits, such as mental health training for line managers and advice from our team of occupational therapists and counsellors.

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Good Work (Thrive and Work) supports people who have a mental and/or physical health condition, and/or a disability, to find and stay in work. We’ll work with over 1000 people to provide intensive job coaching and wellbeing support, with the aim of supporting people to move into sustainable employment. We’ll also work with communities to improve access to good work opportunities, and to improve health and wellbeing. Good Work (Thrive and Work) is funded by the European Social Fund.


Good Work (IPS for SMI) is funded by the NHS and supports people with a severe mental illness to find work or stay in employment. The support is tailored to the individual’s needs, links to NHS mental health services, is a time-unlimited, Individual Placement & Support (IPS) service and also provides access to debt, benefit and wellbeing support.