Larna found out about Good Work after meeting one of our employment specialists at a convention at the job centre in Barnsley town centre. She arranged a meeting and was signed up to the programme with an appointment at her own home, where she felt most comfortable.

Larna has Fibromyalgia and in December 2022 she was made redundant. Larna said:


“I was struggling to find a job due to my disability. I was anxious to get support to help me find an employer that was willing to take a chance on me.

Depression and anxiety due to my physical health was winning my internal battle, unfortunately I felt very low. In layman’s terms, it was kicking my bum and that is being polite!”


Larna felt heard when she had her initial appointment with her Employment Specialist, Matt, and it helped to increase her confidence within herself and her abilities. Larna spoke to Matt about her self-employment business ideas and where she was on her journey. Larna had already made contact with the Prince’s Trust in regards to support and funding. Larna did all the hard work and said that Matt has been a great sounding board:


“I could share worries and stress with Matt in our meetings – having an outside perspective was pivotal in helping my personal growth and achievements. Matt would be able to offer ways to support me, to find out the solutions to difficulties that I was facing.”


Larna developed her communication skills, confidence and computer skills whilst being supported by Matt. Larna can now confidently use excel to put a system in place for stock checks and auditing for her own business.

Larna is now self-employed and the owner of a market stall, selling sizzlers, bath bombs, wax melts and more. She said:


“I am able to work at my own pace, I am my own boss. I have ensured that the work load is manageable for my physical health – working improves my mental health!”


Larna is extremely proud of herself and her achievements:

“I now feel like I have a purpose in life, I’m making myself successful, setting a positive example to my daughter and showing her that no matter your situation, as long as you work hard and try your best, then you will be successful!”


Larna’s long term goals are to grow the business, maintain a positive outlook, be financially stable and have a prosperous life with her daughter, partner and pets.