Sue found out about Good Work Skills from a family member, who recommended the programme to her and sent her the online link to make a referral. Sue read about Good Work Skills and completed the self-referral form. She was soon contacted by the team and Janine was allocated as Sue’s employment specialist.

Sue had recently left the job that she’d been doing for 20 years, and was feeling anxious and very low in confidence.

Janine and Sue worked together to re-build Sue’s confidence and put the steps in place towards returning to paid employment. Sue began attending a mental health and wellbeing course at Wellington House in Barnsley, which Janine also initially attended, alongside Sue to provide support.

Sue also attended nine Good Work Skills workshops, led by Janine at Barnsley Town Hall, covering skills such as confidence building, resilience, interview techniques and CV writing.

Sue found the skills courses really useful, along with the one-to-one sessions with Janine, which really helped her to build her confidence, become comfortable meeting new people and communicating in group situations.

During the time Sue spent on the wellbeing course, she became inspired to start writing poetry, which has progressed into a hobby for Sue, and she’s really enjoying it. Sue also began volunteering at Barnsley hospital in a ward support role to gain some experience whilst also looking for part-time paid work.

Sue has now find the perfect part-time role for her, working as a laundry assistant in a care home.